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Precious Metal Lustres


                      Precious metal lustre supplies for china painting and ceramics.

            Excellent quality, high lustre and iridescence & thoroughly ourselves.

Sold in small quanties at competitive prices.

We have established a reputation for high quality materials at reasonable prices.


 All our colours have a high Lustre and irridescence and have been  used by us professionally over many years, and are thoroughly tested to ensure the best possible results.


Due to the quality of our products and ease of application, our coloured lustres and our gold, platinum and copper are used by many china painters for decorating, lining and banding.

          We value our customers highly and offer them the very best customer service possible.


Payment is made through PayPal; However, if you wish to pay by debit or credit card, please call us and we can take payment over the phone ..All orders are sent by 1st Class post.


                                  Tel; 01424 848148

Kind Regards Caroline & Stephen

Atkinson- Jones Lustreware Bowls
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